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The Rise of Tiamat

Details about The Rise of Tiamat

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The Rise of Tiamat is a Dungeons and Dragons experience for characters starting at the eighth level, and the continuation of the principal volume, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. When the experience runs its course, the characters should arrive at the fifteenth level (or be near it). Four characters are the ideal party size. In the event that your gathering is more modest than that, consider eliminating a couple of adversaries from battle experiences. In the event that the gathering is greater, consider adding adversaries to the battles. Think about modifying experiences for more modest gatherings to keep away from excessively extreme fights.

In the primary volume of Tyranny of Dragons, the Cult of the Dragon got together a crowd for Tiamat—at that point lost a segment of that crowd when Skyreach Castle fell. At the same time, the religion stayed discreet its objective of carrying back Tiamat and its collusion with an ousted gathering of Red Wizards of Thay. The faction now needs just to assemble enough forfeits to control the custom by which the monster veils will open a gateway to the Nine Hells, permitting Tiamat to make a trip to the Material Plane. These plans keep on pushing forward as the Thayan banish Rath Modar and his Red Wizards acquire aptitude gathering sorcery to the religion, setting up a huge blood penance to engage the custom.

The occasions of Hoard of the Dragon Queen lead straightforwardly into The Rise of Tiamat. The state of this experience is characterized by the gatherings of the Council of Waterdeep, which partition the experience into four phases.

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